Marble Bow Strings sporters


Neel Dekkers, Gerard Dekkers en Roel Arets.
Dit drietal vormt samen het ASC Barebow Team Falcons en ze schieten alle drie met Marble Bow Strings!

Martine Couwenberg

Went to my favorite shop today to put a new set from #Marblebowstrings on my #Prevail.
Feels pretty good and looks great and scoring is okay ????.
Thanks Jean-Pascal, #Marblebowstrings #ArcheryServiceCenter

Runa Grydeland

“With Marble Bowstring’s on my bows over the last years I have shot my highest scores both indoors and outdoors. The bowstring is such an important part of the bow, and Marble Bowstrings are made as accurate, solid and long lasting as you need them to be to trust your equipment 100 %. As a bonus the service is always great and delivery time short!”